Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stag in Font

Last Thursday. Another day spent indoors as the rain lashed the Peak. Cabin fever strating to set in and a look at the forecast only compounded my misery. That was until I recieved an unexpected offer from a friend to join him on a trip to Font. Someone had dropped out of a stag week and they needed somebody to fill in on short notice. Although the weather forecast for Font looked poor I quickly agreed to join them. The next week was a great experience, the weather was patchy yet we managed to climb 6 days of 7.

Best bits of the trip were seeing Steve flash just about every 7a he tried, Carl climb the legendary Marie Rose, Lee conquer Onde De Choc, Guy go a-muerte on Egoiste and of course Tom's legendary top out of Le Coeur. It was also a great personal trip, especially on the volume of problems, 18 of 7a-7b+.

Here are some pics taken on the trip. Thanks to Guy, Joe and Nick for most of these.


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