Monday, 10 September 2012

Quick Update

Despite this record summer of dankness its been a good one. Sometimes its good to not be able to climb at the crags you want to, it reminds you not to take days of dry weather for granted and means that when you finally get to them you're even more up for stuff. Good things are worth waiting for, unfortunatley for the cornice-ites that means next june.....

On a personal level this summer has been ok. I haven't spent anywhere near as much time on lime as I expected and I haven't been able to makes the visits to Yorkshire that I hoped I would. On the other hand its been a bumper moorland summer. Ive spent several days on Kinder and other moorland crags repeating stunning lines like Highball That You Bastards and more recently Bloodrush at Shining Clough. Aswell as these, me and others have been developing the bouldering potential around Kinder. On both the Northern and Southern edges we've found some stunning boulders and I'm currently working on a video that will document the best that Kinder has to offer bouldering wise.

One of the Kinder gems, Info available soon.

Aside from this I've spent a few days in both North Wales and the Lakes (video of random problems soon.)

Currently looking forward to the cold winds to arrive, Im determined this winter is going to be a big one.