Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Bad and the Beautiful

This classic Mark Leach frightener had been on my list for a while now, but with a lack of partners willing to do bold trad I had never investigated it. But today, after responding to Steve's plea for a belayer on Facebook, we headed up to take a look. The route, although only being 10 metres or so high, sits in a very exposed position directly above The Masters Edge and Edge Lane, with a slim chance that you might bounce off the ledge if you fell. The famous line is always ringing through your head "you can fall but you must not bounce".

After a few goes on a rope we had it dialled and both cruised up it. Its a great route which deserves more ascents and would possibly make a good highball to those with many pads and spotters.

No video as there wasn't a good place :/ heres a guy doing it a bit ago.

We finished off the day by doing a top 7a in the Froggatt woods called Glass Slipper. Well psyched to get back in there for the trad stuff.

Off to Nesscliffe at the weekend, My Piano top of the list. Wish me luck.....


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